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Intrexx – Creating your own applications

Intrexx – Creating your own applications

Tutorial Intrexx – Creating your own applications (Enterprise Portal Software – EDMS Consultants)


This tutorial shows how easy it is to create your own applications with Intrexx Professional. Organize your business in a totally new and revolutionary way. The Intrexx portal enables access to distributed information and services and provides the most up-to-date data for everyone. With Intrexx’ new mobile capability business data and web applications are accessible via smartphones and tablet PCs. Enterprise Portal Software EDMS Consultants.

EDMS Consultants Partners With United Planet To Revolutionize The Intranet With Intrexx

EDMS Consultants, a specialist technology provider that creates sustainable business for clients, has recently partnered with United Planet, one of Europe’s leading developers of enterprise portal software, to bring you a social business platform called Intrexx Share to drive employee collaboration and revitalise the role of the intranet as an internal company communications network.

United Planet’s Enterprise Portal Software, Intrexx brings value added features to our existing solutions, such as M-Files Enterprise Content Management System. With M-Files, managing documents or digital content would be easier and having Intrexx on the front end, enhances the benefits of M-Files, not only as a Content Management System, but as well as an intranet portal for the organization to connect to the employees.

EDMS Consultants has many years of experience in providing comprehensive document management solution and services. We are also specialized in providing risk and content life cycle management, asset management and maintenance, and engineering information solutions and services. At EDMS Consultants , our business goal is to become specialist technology provider that creates sustainable business for our clients.

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