Energy & Utility Management

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Client’s Requirement:

Asset Register & Equipment Lists

  • Creating asset register inclusive but not limited to P&IDs, non-P&ID items, ex-equipment register, lifting equipment register, special tools & testing equipment list.
  • Validate and update the asset register master

Develop the Risk Matrix & Integrity Critical Element (ICE) Register.

  • Develop Performance standards for equipment/asset with appropriate pass/fail criteria where it is applicable.
  • Develop maintenance Plans, Items, Task Lists, Task List Operations and where required, materials required for task
  • Preparation of Material master for catalogued items.
  • Develop BOM (Bill of Material) in accordance with required method

EDMS-K2 provided a team on site using our proprietary tools and methodologies to:

  • The hierarchy was developed and grouped using engineering code and system philosophy in liaison and approval from the SKHL. This was approach was later altered based on the commissioning marked-up P&IDs and client specific requirements.
  • The ICE assessment workshop was completed and the review focus safety system, environmental and production.
  • Performance Standard for assets with ICE rating A to D was then developed upon completion of the ICE register and with appropriate client approval.
  • Maintenance data was compiled in the form of plan, items and task lists with respect to SAP/PM Master Standards document.
  • K2 compiled project specific spares & BoM data and submitted a template based on similar project knowledge and experience, for client to use as required.


Benefits & ROI:

Utilized ADAM software to provide the advanced data capture and analysis required for the development of an effective EAM (CMMS) system, ensuring high-quality, error-free data in a format suitable for upload to SAP.